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Our Mission

Here at Egge, our mission is to bring people together.

Real Connections

Despite an increasingly connected world, we feel alienated from those around us. We want to foster real, face-to-face connections between old and new friends.

Experiences, not just events

They say that you only live once. We stand firmly with the belief that the best life is one filled with experiences you won't forget. We want to help you create experiences, not just events.


Life gets busy--sometimes, you only have an hour between classes or meetings, so why not spend it with someone? After all, there's no time like the present.


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Meet the Team

These are the wonderful people behind Egge.

Justin Feng


Zach Liou


Claire Sung

Operations Lead

Caitlyn Weisner

Community Outreach

Hartab Nijar

Community Engagement

Carole Huang

Community Engagement & Content

Bright Lerkomolsuk

Software Engineer

Jason Zhang

Software Engineer


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